Collection: Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin tends to be visibly red and inflamed, irritable to products and can appear dry and delicate but also feature blemishes and breakouts.

  • Recommended Products

    Daily AM & PM

    • Remove+ (Cleanser)
    • Hydro Serum
    • Nourishing Balm
    • Shield 50+

    3 Times per Week at Night

    • Sleep Tight Mask
    • Hydrating Elixir

    Nutraceuticals (one shot per day)

    • Hydrate Cocktail, or
    • Top to Toe Tonic

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  • Recommend Clinician Treatments (local clients only)

    • Week 1 - Super Hydrate Facial
    • Week 3 - Eliminate Peel
    • Week 5 - SuperGlow Facial
    • Week 7 - Million Dollar Facial
      (Eliminate Ampoule)
    • Week 9 - Eliminate Peel
    • Week 11 - Million Dollar Facial
      (Radiate Ampoule)

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Treat Sensitive Skin with the following products...