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Bootcamp: Ageing Skin - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

Bootcamp: Ageing Skin - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

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Everyone deserves to feel a Million Dollars and Ageing skin doesn't mean you have to feel any less!

Our 11-12 week Bootcamp Treatment Plan, consisting of 6 Treatment & essential Medi+ Home-care products, helping ageing skin go from thin and pale to Stronger & Brighter! These Medi+ products are a power house that coincide with each other to achieve rapid results, leaving you feeling your best!

Using the Medi+ Home-care Products are just as important as the Treatments and account for 80% of your final skin care Result!

Buying this Bootcamp Bundle up front SAVES YOU £174!


  • WEEK1- SuperHydrate Facial
  • WEEK3- Dermaplane + Miracle Mask
  • WEEK5- Rejuvenate Peel
  • WEEK7- Million Dollar Facial
  • WEEK9- Rejuvenate Peel
  • WEEK11- M D Facial


  • Dermacleanse
  • HA4C serum
  • Radiate 10
  • I-tx
  • Retin A+
  • Shield 50+
  • Glycowash
  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Sleep Tight Mask
  • Firm Lift Cocktail


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