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Bootcamp: Sensitive Skin - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

Bootcamp: Sensitive Skin - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

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Our Million Dollar Bootcamp specifically designed for sensitive skin is perfect for anyone who's skin is easily irritated. This Powerhouse Skincare Plan takes you from red, stinging & itching to hydrated, calm and clear in 11-12 weeks, using 6 targeted Treatments, includes Hydrate Superficial and Eliminate Peel and an essential Medi Grade package of Medi+ Home-care Products. The light, calming and non-irratating ingredients is the key to banishing sensitive skin once and for all, giving you a Million Dollar Complexion.

The Medi+ Home-care is just as important as the Treatments and can count for up to 80% of your final result.

Buying this package Upfront SAVES YOU £133!


  • WEEK1- SuperHydrate Facial
  • WEEK3- Eliminate Peel
  • WEEK5- SuperGlow Facial
  • WEEK7- Million Dollar Facial- Eliminate
  • WEEK9- Eliminate Peel
  • WEEK11- Million Dollar Facial- Radiate


  • Remove+ Cleanser
  • Hydroserum
  • Nourishing Balm
  • Shield 50+
  • Sleep Tight
  • Hydrate Nutraceutical


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