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Bootcamp: Menopausal - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

Bootcamp: Menopausal - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

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Our Million Dollar Bootcamp, specifically targeting Menopausal skin, consists of the perfect combination of products that are both sensitive to the skin and hydrating. Menopause causes a reduction in hormone levels, causing skin to become dry, slack and thin. This doesn't need to be the case though; with 6 Treatments over the space of 11-12 weeks, as well as home aftercare products, your skin will soon be bright and beautiful again!

Using the Medi+ Home-Care Products are just as important as the Treatments and account for 80% of your final skin care Result!

Buying this as an upfront bundle SAVES A TOTAL OF £157!


  • WEEK 1- Miracle mask
  • WEEK 3- Rejuvenate peel
  • WEEK 5- Million Dollar Facial (Eliminate)
  • WEEK 7- Radiate Peel
  • WEEK 9- Miracle Mask
  • WEEK 11 - Million Dollar Facial (Rejuvenate)


  • Remove+
  • Balance Toner
  • HA4C Serum
  • Replenish+
  • I-tx, Retinight
  • Shield 50+
  • Top to Toe Nutraceutical Cocktail
  • Glycowash
  • Exfoliating Scrub


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