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Bootcamp: Oily / Congested - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

Bootcamp: Oily / Congested - Product & Treatment Bundle (local clients only)

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Managing Acne/congested skin can be complex but so rewarding. This is why we have put together this tailored Powerhouse Plan. These skin types need to be 'committed' to a skincare plan. This is key. A Client needs the correct plan of treatments plus products, and we have taken care of that in a 11-12 week programme, all you need to do is give the plan 100% commitment.

The Medi+ home-care products can count up to 80%of your final result. You need products to reduce oil production & to keep the skin well hydrated.

Buying this Skincare Bootcamp package up front WILL SAVE YOU £144!


  • WEEK1- Mini Million Dollar Facial
  • WEEK3- Eliminate Peel
  • WEEK5- Mini MD Facial
  • WEEK7- Eliminate Peel
  • WEEK9- Mini MD Facial
  • WEEK11- Eliminate Peel


  • Dermacleanse
  • Niacinamist
  • Hydroserum
  • Replenish+
  • Retinight
  • Shield 50+
  • Glycowash
  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Regenerate Nutraceutical Cocktail


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